Reconnaissance & Security Testing for WordPress

WordPress Version

Detect WordPress Version, a simple measure of how well a site is maintained.

SSL Certificate

Does the site have SSL forced. If not why? There is no reason not to be using SSL on all sites.

Plugins / Themes

Discover plugins / themes in use without any invasive security scanning. Knowledge.

Threat Intel

Blacklist and Threat Intelligence Checks. Know when you have a problem.


Which networks are hosting the sites resources. Open Source Intelligence and Simple Hosting Checks.


Fast Google & Virus Total Malware lookup, to check for sites having reputation or security problems.

“A lot of the early adoption of WordPress was actually from thousands and millions of individually hosted instances, so a lot of the people who ran WordPress were on their own.”

– Matt Mullenweg


Security Operations For Tech & Security Professionals.

Over at HackerTarget.com we built a security testing platform that keeps an eye on an organizations attack surface; including WordPress installations.

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