Reconnaissance & Security 
Testing for WordPress

Zero Impact Analysis of WordPress Sites

Eyes on WordPress

Gather intel on WordPress sites. A fast way to get a security overview or even for competitive intelligence from multiple propertites.
WordPress Version
Detect WordPress Version, a simple measure of how well a site is maintained.
SSL Certificate
Does the site have SSL forced. If not why? There is no reason not to be using SSL on all sites.
Plugins & Themes
Discover plugins / themes in use without any invasive security scanning. Knowledge.
Checks against threat intelligence blacklists. Know when you have a problem.
Where is the site being hosted? Is it using a CDN. What is the back end infrastructure.
Malware Detection
Fast Google Malware lookup, to check for sites having reputation or security problems.

For those who Manage WordPress

We built a security testing platform that keeps an eye on web properties whether you manage your own WordPress site or are an agency with a large number of client sites.
"Never send a human to do a machine's job."
– Agent Smith (The Matrix)