Reconnaissance & Security for WordPress

Specialized Security Testing for WordPress Sites.

Eyes on WordPress

Simplify WordPress Security Analysis.
Save time. Save money.
Detect when a site is not reachable. Keeps an eye on your site being available and responsive.
SSL Certificate
Don't miss another SSL certificate renewal. Alerts when certificates are due to expire.
DNS Changes
Unauthorized DNS changes can break things or indicate domain  manipulation by an attacker.
Checks against threat intelligence blacklists. Know when you have a problem.
Built on Google Cloud infrastructure for world class reliability and performance
Malware Detection
If Google finds a problem we alert you immediately. Tests against Google Safe Browse Service.

For those who Manage WordPress

We built a security testing platform that keeps an eye on web properties whether you manage your own WordPress site or are an agency with a large number of client sites.
"Never send a human to do a machine's job."
– Agent Smith (The Matrix)