WordPress Monitoring (steak knives not included)

Here's some no BS advice for those wanting to manage a secure WordPress install.

No security service or plugin including ours is a silver bullet that will protect your site from attacks. The best way to keep your site secure is to start with a properly configured base and perform simple ongoing maintenance.

WordPress is an excellent content management system. That's why it runs over a quarter of all websites on the Internet. The thing that makes it so popular is the massive ecosystem of plugins and themes. These extensions allow non web developers to deploy powerful and feature rich sites to solve a multitude of problems.

When site owners manage to get a working site out the door, they often trip up when it comes to ongoing maintenance. This is why over the years WordPress and Security have not always gone hand in hand.

Solving my own Requirements

Three months ago, I was struggling with a problem in that I needed to monitor a handful of WordPress sites. There are solutions available but I wanted not only uptime monitoring but also a few security checks to ensure that all my needs are being covered in one simple dashboard.

Taking on customer feedback from HackerTarget.com (my other security testing business) I built something that solves my monitoring needs. Have a poke around because there is a good chance it will also solve yours.

Today we launch the new service. It's WordPress Uptime and Security Monitoring that watches your site ensuring it is always available and that simple maintenance tasks are monitored.

Will our new service stop you getting hacked?

No there is no silver bullet, you need to ensure your site is maintained and kept up to date. If things do go sideways, our service can give you a heads up that something is wrong.

So what is it?

It is a way to simply monitor your WordPress sites. Whether you have one site or are an agency with a thousand customers. Minimal configuration is required. In fact that is a primary feature, no plugins or site configuration required. Configure everything from the dashboard with no changes required on the site. Simplicity, its just reliable monitoring.

Building the solution on Google Cloud infrastructure and having SendGrid perform delivery of email alerts, ensures reliability of the monitoring and that the emails get to your Inbox.

See the Full Features Here

If you have any thoughts or questions please get in touch.

Pete (the owner)


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